My Blog…

This blog is to serve as a continued work in progress to gather and collect everything that inspires me within the realm of Education. It is, as the blog title implies, a desire for the exchange of ideas and ground-breaking practices between educators and innovators. I also hope it will serve as a forum for open and honest discussion about current practices within education, as well as tips, tricks, planning, programming, lesson and assessment ideas.

About me…

I work at Waggrakine Primary School, which is is situated on the northern fringes of Geraldton in Western Australia, around 430 km north of Perth. Waggy is a recognised worldwide Microsoft Pathfinder Mentor School within Microsoft’s innovative schools program.

For two days a week I work as a literacy specialist teacher. During this time I support the administration of our school in the design and implementation of quality literacy programs and policies within our school and within our region. This role also involves working as part of the Teacher Development School team of which our school is a part.

For the remaining three days of the week I am a classroom teacher. This year I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with another teacher with similar educational interests and goals. In this collaboration we have combined two large classes of Year 5 students within one learning space with the aim of designing innovative and quality programs within the 21st century learning model. We have a range of technologies available to us and our students are thriving in this environment. My partner and I are modelling on a daily basis successful communication, collaboration, creativity and high expectations of one another. We are having the best teaching experience of our careers and our students are loving it!


I want to hear from you! If you have any experiences, links or information that you’d like to share, please email me.


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